Kaarinan Trimet Oy is a company focused on the manufacture of sheet metal products. Our customers are leading machine and equipment manufacturers operating in the export and domestic markets. We manufacture sheet metal products for equipment in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as for the needs of the electrical and electronics industry, ships, trains and the mining industry.


We have a combination machine that succeeds in laser cutting, threaded and tensile holes, roll-formed stiffeners, ground markers and more. We also perform laser welding, which makes the production of demanding welding assemblies efficient, economical and of high quality.



Our services include:

Aluminum Supplier

Design and programming

Metal Tubes


workshop with fire

Partner Services

Images from the client as SolidWorks, DWG or DXF files or on paper.

Cutting blanks with a sheet metal working center or laser. Bending, threading, countersinking, press nuts and bushings. Edging, Tig, Mig and spot welding and assembly.

Machining, all industrial surface treatments as well as printing and marking.

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